Weapons Source will be a CP game that will run (hopefully) on Steam, Valve, and Source. Weapons Source is a game where you are handed out a number of maps and place to practicde or play at. Some of these maps include: Desert, Parking Lot/Garage, Target Practice/Shooting Range 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8, and Special Ops. Building for training and practice missions. Once the map of choice is chose, you will be lead to pick out one of three categories. Those being: Mele Weapons, Explosives, and Guns. After that, you can practically do what ever you want. Shoot at rocks, ground, (NO PEOPLE), targets and model targets and shooting ranges. Do whatever you want with whatever weapon you want. (ALL REAL AND ACTUAL GUN (physical) LAWS APPLY (such as the number of rounds in a casing, not like presidential laws). (GUNS ARE REALISTIC AND EVERY PART IS OPERATIONABLE!) Also, there will be a selection where you can put together your own map. I believe that there will be a few hunting courses (deer, bird, turkey, elk, rabbit) that will be made available for play with the game also.

I Say thank you to all of the people, friends, family, and others that helped me with this project. -- Copyrighted -- once again - hopefully -- by Valve, Source, and Steam.